Our fully hosted, web based platform and content management system enables you to conceive, create, launch and execute campaigns within 48 hours and outlines and delivers the processes and solutions necessary to continue to optimize your results via monitored and measured marketing.

To help drive the results you need, uAmplify provides an array of white labeled interlocking modules that you can leverage with no technical resources on your side. Additionally, all modules work together to provide a unified tracking platform so that all initiatives are measured and tracked in a central database to provide you with a 360 degree view of your customer.


uAmplify Platform Modules:

Viral marketing platform with generational tracking module
Develop, scale and measure your viral campaigns and evangelist programs with our proprietary Pass It Forward™ technology :

  • Enable your customers to tell others about your products
  • Track results through both visual and database generational tracking
  • Identify your mavens, connectors and other key brand evangelists to reward, track and incent them appropriately
  • Test key messages and promotions for your viral programs

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Embedded reward tracking system module
Create and distribute multi-generational rewards programs and use flexible generation based rewards for different generations:

  • Develop, test and scale rewards tracking for your brand's evangelists
  • Maximize your brand evangelist programs by incenting your consumers
  • Test any reward program using our flexible platform that allows for different incentives per generation
  • Test different incentives to find what best motivates your consumers to respond

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Contest and Sweepstakes platform module
Implement and execute a video, photo, audio or text contest:

  • Create and implement contests with or without prizes
  • Measure and track the viral activity of your initiative with generation tracking
  • Amplify your reach with viral distribution features that span online, email, mobile and offline channels
  • Create contests with rating, voting and commenting capabilities and enable both standard and battle off contests with a few clicks

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On the fly microsite & landing page creator module
Develop microsites to support contests, promotions, viral distribution programs and other key customer communications:

  • Create a microsite with navigation and unlimited pages with a couple easy keystrokes
  • Use our powerful content management and CSS system to customize the site to suit your own brand experience
  • Get a site up and running with NO technical support
  • Enable or disable SEO with a simple command
  • Place within your existing site or have it stand alone
  • Use our testing infrastructure to find and optimize your most powerful messages and offers via creative, copy, offer and price testing

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Brandable distribution widgets module
Expand your reach across 30+ social networks with our brandable widgets:

  • Develop widgets
  • Engage with users to distribute your message
  • Promote contests, polls, sweepstakes and other user acquisition and engagement campaigns
  • Test messages and marketing programs
  • Track distribution activity and viral campaigns in your core uAmplify database

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User Generated Content e-card platform module
Create your own brand experience that allows customers to create and s e-cards to fris and family:

  • Set up your own backgrounds, images, photos, sound and text to let your users create their own e-cards
  • Distribute your brand message or offer as your users s their personalized e-card to their fris and family
  • Use our infrastructure to test different messages and promotions

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Polling module
Engage users and prospects with fun and exciting polls:

  • Develop polls for distribution via widgets, emails, microsites and landing pages
  • Invite users to vote on their favorite contest entries, products and any other features

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Full scale lead nurturing email module
Convert leads into customers with educational and nurturing email communications:

  • Develop learning series and nurturing emails to help educate and convert leads into active prospects and prospects into customers
  • Easily develop future dated or trigger based campaigns and set them to run automatically and continually without technical or other manual action
  • Create specific branded experiences by target segment to optimize your prospect experience and turn customers into evangelists
  • Track all communications activity within your central uAmplify database in order to create a 360 degree view of prospects and customers

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Full scale survey module

Better understand the needs, attitudes and behaviors of your customers and prospects by creating and deploying full scale surveys:

Create full scale complex surveys on the fly

Take advantage of advance tree logic inside a survey

Customize all surveys with your brand's look and feel

Record all survey data in a centralized customer database where all survey answers augment your customer or prospect profile

Utilize survey data to customize future communications to that specific customer or prospect