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Tell A Friend66311
TAF Generation Tracking
eMail Credits - One Time10000010000500002500025000
Email Templates
Click Tracking
Surveys, Quizzes & Polls21
Additional Pages30201010
Reward Tracking
Facebook Integration
Social Influence Tracking
Adhoc Reporting
Google Tracking
DNS Masking
Image Gallery - 25 GB
WebSite Templates5
Email List Management
Suppression List Management
Email Deliverability Reports
Reg Form Customization
Interactive Email Triggers
Private Social Network
Agency Account
Multi-Merchant Accounts3
Link Customization
Rights Management
Feedback Loops
Email Bounce Management
ISP Monitoring
Unique Open Tracking
Open Tracking
UnSubscribe Tracking
SPF Records
Advanced Deliverability Report
Each promotional activity in uAmplify get a custom microsite with full functionality and landing page templates. This microsite also houses activities within the promotion such as tell a friend or contests
A module that allows you to create an instant referral and rewards program with tracking on all viral activity
Tracking that allows you to track and reward multiple generations of users and customers who provide referral activity for you. Each user gets that own unique referral code in your campaign. You can also track the social links between referrers.
The ability to create online coupons that can be distributed via email or social media
Buy credits ahead of time for emails that you want to send - they more you buy the cheaper it is.
Create Custom newsletters to send to your customers
Choose from pre-designed email templates to make email creation fast and easy
Track each link in your emails with customized link tracking
Create interactive ecard campaigns for your products that users can engage with , create and send to their friends. All viral activity is automatically tracked.
Create user generated audio, video, photo and text contests with customer voting, rating and battle off features for each contest. All with social media integration built in.
Create short quizzes and polls or detailed surveys to send to your customers and prospects
Add additional pages to your microsites with ease
Track Tell a Friend or other action based contests for multiple generations of users
Integrate your promotions seamlessly with facebook
Track the social influence of your participants with multi-generational tracking
Use our comprehensive analytics suite to create custom reporting for all of your promotional activities
Integrate Google tracking into your microsites easily
Point one of your URLs to a microsite that you house on our platform
Load and store logos and images for your campaigns one time and use them in multiple campaigns over time
Our platform enables you to place Google ads or other link based advertising into you promotional microsites
Make your microsites SEO friendly with our SEO tools
Choose from our set of microsite templates or create or upload your own
Manage multiple email lists with our list management tool
Manage your DO NOT SOLICIT list through our platform to ensure email compliance
Get details of deliverability for each email send
Create and manage blogs on your microsites
Create and manage forums on your microsites
Create groups on your microsites for users with similar interests -groups can be public or private
Create customized registration forms for your microsites
Create Trigger based emails for actions users take in other emails or on your microsites
Create a fully functional custom social network for your users complete with registration, member profiles, member communications, friends lists, member galleries, blogs, forums and group functionality
A master account for agencies that manage multiple clients on our platform
A agency account feature that enables agencies to have multiple types of accounts for various clients with individual permission levels
A agency account feature that enables agencies to have multiple types of accounts for various clients with individual permission levels
Ability to grant limited feature access to administrative users within an account
A feedback loop (FBL), sometimes called a complaint feedback loop, is an inter-organizational form of feedback by which a Mailbox Provider (MP) forwards the complaints originating from their users to the sender's organizations. MPs can receive users' complaints by placing report spam buttons on their webmail pages, or in their email client, or via help desks.
Email bounce management allows us to track each email sent from our system to ensure that we handle bounced emails proactively and stop transmital incase of any email address that has bounced a maximum of 10 times. No emails can be sent once this treshold is reached.
Utilizing advance email deleiverabilty tools we can monitor in realtime if an ISP starts to block email delivery and route email via alternate IP addresses
Ability to track unique opens for emails and newsletters
Ability to track the open rate of promotions and emails
Ability to track unsubscribes to campaigns
Industry standard Sender Policy Framework compliance to maximize email dleivery
Provide full detail for each email delivery and details of non-delivery