They wanted a solution set that would help marketers bridge the gap between social marketing and the direct response metrics and accountability offered by the standard direct response channels such as search, affiliates and paid media.

At the of a long and unsuccessful search, they decided to build the product themselves. The uAmplify platform came to life and gave the average marketer a promotional marketing platform that could be up and running in a few days.


uAmplify provides a feature rich solution set that is:

Unified — all marketing aspects are done via one platform, unifying data as well

Measurable — compare and analyze data and reports from single campaigns and across multiple campaigns

Trackable — know where referrals are coming from and who is referring who

Scalable — test for the best campaign for your brand and implement immediately

Repeatable — easy-to-tweak modules let you use campaigns over and over again

Now everyone can enjoy the power of the uAmplify platform and truly grow their interactive marketing reach!